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Why You Should Read Jules Verne

Why You Should Read Jules Verne
Ladies and gentlemen, the wizard of literature.

Jules Verne is absolutely amazing. Easily one of my favorite authors. Let me just take a few minutes of your time to win you over to this viewpoint and get you hooked on some great Verne novels.
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Jules Verne, ladies and gentlemen, is a wizard of literature. He's the ultimate tour guide, the rich uncle you always dreamed of, the old guy who has been everywhere and seen everything. He's the grandfather who tells his grandchildren that the legends are true. He has seen the myths in real life and can testify to their truth.
Jules Verne will take you out of the world, through the world, to the end of the world, and around the world. His brilliance is unmatched as of yet in literature. He knows everything so well and describes it with such stunning detail and eloquence that you will not remain unchanged after reading one of his books. So here are the five best books by Jules Verne to read:
"Around the World in Eighty Days"  This is one of Verne's most popular works and for good reason. Definitely my second-favorite of his works. Enjoy the race around the world with some of the craziest, most amazing, most memorable characters in any work of literature ever. You will laugh, you will be scared and you will almost certainly love this book.
"The Underground City"  Verne's amazing yet short novel is not known by very many (you would not believe how hard it was to purchase a copy of it), but is my absolute favorite book that he wrote. With vivid characters, a compelling plot and an easy length, this is a must-read for people wanting to read something by Verne.

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"  You've heard of this, possibly seen a movie about it, but have you read it? Steeped in a rich understanding and description of marine life, Verne writes a deep novel that examines many large-scale topics of life while set in a fantastic plot.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"  It's hard to not appreciate this one and even harder to not feel claustrophobic. Verne doesn't write a bookhe takes you on a journey. He sends you down into the center of the earth with them, so that your life depends on their success as much as their lives depend on it.
"Lighthouse at the End of the World"  So amazing. This book differs from Verne's "Voyages Extraordinaires" (Extraordinary Voyages) and is set in the south. The far south. Literally it is past the tip of Argentina. On an island alone, three lighthouse keepers discover that they are actually not alone. Verne tells a terrifying story set against a beautiful setting.

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