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1967 – In Paris the Société Jules Verne is born again after WWII

1974 – In Amiens, Daniel Compère creates the Documentation Center Jules Verne

1978 – The Musée Jules Verne opens in Nantes

Club Jules Verne, Pazin (Croatia)

Jules Verne Genootschaap (The Netherlands)

May 1982
Three Jules Verne Weeks
Town Hall

First main exhibition about Jules Verne in Switzerland

Jules Verne has been translated into 95 languages

Translations in Cinghalese, German, Turk, Polish,
Hebrew, Chinese, etc.

Some examples

Movies and recordings

Some examples


Some examples

A translation published in Tachkent (Kazakhstan)

Original edition of a play by Jules Verne, Monna Lisa

Le Mariage de Monsieur Anselme des Tilleuls (The Wedding of Mister Anselme des Tilleuls), short story by Jules Verne, book completely handmade by Béatrice Coron (25 copies only!)


On top of the usual goals of the House of Elsewhere :
Keeping and improving the international retionships
Updating the collection
Considering that the collection is a working tool for researchers of the whole world, allowing scholars and the public to get quickly copies of the interesting documents
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